He’s Got the X-Factor – Danyl Johnson Video

X Factor contestant Danyl Johnson might just be the next Susan Boyle – if anyone really wants to claim that honor. Danyl Johnson, a schoolteacher from England, wowed the audience with his audition on X Factor – even eliciting a huge compliment from hardcore skeptic Simon Cowell with his vocal prowess.


Danyl Johnson is a contestant on the British music competition show X-Factor, better known as the Brit version of American Idol. Now the Danyl Johnson video has gone viral, garnering the 27 year-old singer a new legion of fans from the Internet. His first performance on the show, singing The Beatles‘ “A Little Help From My Friends” blew away the audience and had judges gushing over his vocal talent. No doubt it didn’t hurt that Danyl Johnson is pretty cute too.

Notoriously sour judge Simon Cowell actually grinned like an idiot through the whole performance – shocking! And then, omg, Cowell actually gave Johnson a standing ovation after his performance. Watch the Danyl Johnson video for yourself and let us know what you think. Is he the next Susan Boyle-style singing sensation?

Danyl Johnson isn’t afraid to use his good looks to sway the judges to his side either. Not only does he flirt with the female judges with winks and saucy looks during his performance, he reportedly he thinks ALL the X-Factor judges are hotties, according to Mirror.co.uk. Yes, that includes Simon Cowell. Bisexual Danyl Johnson apparently wouldn’t mind taking any of them home for a night of fun, though he admits he’d probably most go for “Dannii [Minogue] because she’s got a great personality.”

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3 thoughts on “He’s Got the X-Factor – Danyl Johnson Video”

  1. Certainly he has a powerful voice and his performance is really really impressive, but would all these be overreactive? I mean does he really sing that damn good!
    Another question, the show missed him twice? How?

  2. is danyl johnson really gay because if he is then omg i will so not be voting for now maybe even never because i have been voting for him and i am not going to if he is bloody gay

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