Hilary Duff Rips Off Depeche Mode

Hilary Duff’s new single “Reach Out”, from her upcoming album The Best Of Hilary Duff (WTF?) samples HEAVILY from Depeche Mode’s classic “Personal Jesus.” She also snipped a few lines from Madonna’s “Like A Prayer.” Additionally, she sounds like she’s been using Heidi Montag’s synthesizer. Is this a prosecutable crime? Discuss.

2 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Rips Off Depeche Mode”

  1. Of course this is a prosecutable crime, but unfortunately only if she didn’t get permission to use the same rythym/beats and practically the same lyrics. Even if she did, she should be locked up in prison for raping such a wonderful song. Her version sounds so horrible I can’t even finish it after she first says, “reach out and touch me.” What is she, a prostitute or something? That’s sure what it sounds like.
    And I never used to have an opinion about her, but I sure do now, and it’s not very good at all.

  2. I can’t help but see the coincidence in the fact that only a couple of years ago, Marilyn Manson COVERED the same song for THEIR ‘Best Of’ album. Is ‘Personal Jesus’ the new best of compilation theme song? The sad part is her last album, ‘Dignity’ had some pretty good material on it. So what went so horribly wrong? From a marketing standpoint its absolutely silly that a single that marks the “best of” in her career is barely her own. What does this say about her as an artist?

    ps – i think you mean VOCODER rather than SYNTHESIZER….as it seams like no synths were actually used for this song as the beat AND melody are DIRECTLY RIPPED from the DM track.

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