‘Hills’ Star Stephanie Pratt Goes to Rehab

The Hills star Stephanie Pratt is headed off to rehab for 30 days to deal with her alcohol problem. Pratt pleaded not guilty on Friday to a misdemeanor DUI charge, but announced she would enter a 30-day residential rehab program.


Stephanie Pratt was arrested last month after being pulled over for a suspected DUI while driving home from co-star Holly Montag‘s birthday party. Pratt registered just above the legal limit on two breathalyzer tests and was taken to jail. In an interview with E! News last week, Pratt claimed she had consumed two glasses of champagne the evening she was arrested.

“It was dumb and a blessing,” Pratt said. “It got my life together. It was a sucky lesson, but it was actually a huge blessing in disguise.”

Pratt says she has vowed not to drink at all from now on. “I’m just going to abstain. The past month and a half has been so amazing,” Pratt said. “I’m doing the right things.”

So far no word on exactly when Pratt will head off to rehab or if her decision will help her court case if she is convicted on the DUI charge. Pratt is currently facing up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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