Holy Crack, Winehouse Is A Racy Racist

If you think you’ve seen it all from Amy Winehouse, you haven’t. Not until you get a look at new video and pictures from the UK’s News Of The World, which were just released. An unnamed source gave the NOTW the video and a ton of druggie pics of Amy, her husband Blake Fielder-Civil and others. Amy’s crack and mouse video’s got nothing on this one!

Amy and a friend sing a racist song in the clip, which also shows the drug den they’re crashing in and Amy and Blake’s public sex (horf). What’s worse? The scenes were filmed by Blake, who is now in prison facing trial for “GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”.

The NOTW says a former friend gave them the evidence to show everyone what power Blake wields in manipulating Amy. One part of the clip shows Amy and a friend called Sarah singing a racist little ditty to the tune of “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes”. They ask Blake repeatedly if he is recording- and he LIES repeatedly that he is not.

When the song is over, Blake says “Well done. I promise I wasn’t recording.” What a man-ho! Also on camera is a table in front of Amy with a bunch of cigarette lighters and what looks like heroin on foil—a common way for users to heat the drug before smoking it.

Britain’s top cop Sir Ian Blair has called for celebrity drug users caught on camera to be put on trial. He spoke out after police let off a bunch of public figures who’d been filmed apparently snorting cocaine, shooting up heroin or smoking crack.

In another part of the clip Amy is passed out on a grungy couch Blake records her sleeping. He says: “This is how you sleep when you haven’t slept for two days”. What a lovely gentleman that Blaaaake is indeed! He proceeds to video a friend who says they’ve been doing a pharmacy’s worth of drugs- and the evidence is strewn all around.

The photos that the friend gave to the media include Blake and Amy swapping white tablets from mouth to mouth, Amy holding a homemade crack pipe as she’s obviously fried, and Blake looking like the junkie hustler he truly is.

Trust me, it’s one big skanknasty mess. Amy’s gotten SO nasty that she’s been warned about getting GANGRENE IN HER FACE if it comes in contact with the mud at the upcoming Glastonbury Music Festival. Her sores are so bad, that a nurse will have to bandage her face overnight to prevent infection. Gak!

The shocking video is VERY NSFW, so much so that I’m not going to post the link to it here. If you want to really get creeped out, you can see it and the photos on the newsoftheworld.co.uk site. If the release of this incredibly damning evidence that Blaaaake is using Amy for EVERYTHING he can get doesn’t wake her up, NOTHING will. This makes his trading autographed pics of her to his jailmates for drugs look like a game of Monopoly.