How Many Baby Mommas Does Adrian Peterson Have?

We are still terribly sad over the news that Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old biological son Ty was murdered last week. We say biological son because Adrian reportedly had very little to do with the boy and only recently learned he sired the child a couple of months ago. Even sadder, it appears that there are a whole lot of other children out there who may have not even met their baby daddy either.

Adrian Peterson

Weirdly, the death of Adrian Peterson’s biological son has prompted several of his other baby mommas to come forward to spill the beans about his other “secret” children. One of the NFL star’s lovers claims that Adrian has a whole handful of other illegitimate children, according to

Erica Syion, a former dancer who hooked up with the NFL star, told TMZ Live that she believes Adrian has at least seven kids out there. Among them are an 8-year-old daughter, a 4-year-old son and a second 2-year-old son in addition to the toddler who passed away.

Apparently Adrian has no problem paying child support for the kids he has spawned but we don’t know if he is any more involved in their lives than he was with his late son Ty. We certainly hope so but there hasn’t really been much commentary out there about how much time he spends with all those far-flung children — if any.

We don’t think being willing to pay out cash for any random kids by whatever women he laid and left makes Adrian any less of an d*ck. If you are going to refuse to wear a damn condom, then you better step up and be more than just a cash cow for the kids you leave running around out there.

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