Hudson Murders: William Balfour Should’ve Already Been In Jail

William Balfour, the convicted felon suspected in the Chicago murders of Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew was arrested on a drug charge in June, but authorities did NOT return him to prison on what was a CLEAR parole violation. Under the strict rules of the state’s parole program, Balfour could have gone back to prison JUST for the arrest.

The AP reports that officials who reviewed the cocaine-possession case against William Balfour, determined “the evidence that was presented during that time wouldn’t have necessarily warranted a violation.” WTF?! Cocaine possession! We’re not talking about a first-time offender here! Yep, they let him just waltz out of it.

Balfour missed a meeting with his parole officer on the day that the murdered bodies of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found. Balfour reportedly told the agent he was “baby-sitting on the West Side of Chicago.” The agent said he thought he heard a child in the background during the call. Balfour was taken into custody later Friday.

Balfour’s parole records indicate a parole supervisor declined to issue a warrant to revoke Balfour’s parole after Chicago police arrested him June 19 for possession of cocaine. “Per supervisor … no warrant. Agent to monitor offender, impose sanctions.” Great monitoring.

In Balfour’s case, a violation could have locked him up until May 2009. Even minus a day off for each day of good behavior, he still wouldn’t have been out before mid-December at the earliest.

The parole history report on Balfour also shows that a woman at Balfour’s home refused to open the door during an agent’s visit on Aug. 27. The woman told the agent during the 8:30 a.m. visit that Balfour was at work but Balfour’s boss told the agent he wasn’t due until noon. The report said: “Agent heard other people inside the host site and suspected maybe suspicious activities going on,” Agent will be following up for a possible warrant on parolee.” Guess what. No warrant for parole was issued.

So basically, the authorities had at least 2 CHANCES to put William Balfour back in prison, for good reasons. They failed to do so. If they HAD, 3 beloved people might be alive today. Balfour is the only person of interest in the slaying of Darnell Donerson, Jason Hudson, and Julian King…Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and 7 year old nephew. Nice work, guys.

8 thoughts on “Hudson Murders: William Balfour Should’ve Already Been In Jail”

  1. I can’t believe William Balfour’s stupid mother on Nancy Grace. “Oh my poor son. Everybody is just lyin’ about him. He never attempted to murder anybody ever before. That man he stoll the car from just shouldn’t tried to stop him from stealin it. He jumped up on the car. Damn he shoulda just let him steal it. Don’t Ya Know he just a poor innocent littl’ baby. All he ever wanted was to just join some gangs, and sleep with all kinda girls. They was just all up in his business.”

  2. Seriously. She made some QUITE incendiary charges tonight…I’m getting ready to watch the replay to catch it fully. She accused Jason Hudson of selling drugs, and Julia Hudson of PLANTING drugs on her son, resulting in his getting popped for cocaine. Why would he still “love” Julia if she was trying to set him up so badly? Sounds like a crock of ….

  3. It was all a crock shit from the start I mean why in the hell would Jason wanna sell drugs and Julia want to plant it on William to began with ?!that’s crazy and his mothers story dosen’t add up any damn way and and it really wasn’t a motive that lead to jennifer’s family being killed .She didn’t have the right to call Nancy Grace with all that crap about william being lied and all that stuff the truth was he has not been charged with the triple homicide yet still a person of interest but worst of all being kept in jail for parole violation but what his mothers forgetting is that he ha d a past criminal history and a rap sheet as long as a snake the lowlife he ever was Jennifer Hudson wasn’t like that she was different but William Balfour decided t be a criminal and make it worst on himself and right he should have already been in jail in the first place !

  4. With William Balfour now charged with triple homicide and home invasion his mother is way over his head after all that bullshit she gave Nancy Grace she should have just kept her mouth shut with all this stuff about Jennifer Hudsons sister Julia and that dude Jason to began with she should have known why that little rat bastard son of hers killed her family because of his jelouse over a gift Julia got from some dude for her birthday the truth was she didn’t asked for it it was offered to her hell william was the one who became a loser to start with he put is own ass in jail no one else sooner or later it’s gonna be over for him and as for his mother Michelle she is just acting the same way as Casey Anthony’s mother Cindy taking for hwer own daughter and knowing that her ass is in hot water without a boat.

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