Hurricane Isaac 2012 Warnings from Florida to Louisiana as Storm Hits Keys

Tropical Storm Isaac will most likely soon become Hurricane Isaac as it moves over the Florida Keys on Sunday night and heads into the extremely warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Isaac 2012 warnings have been posted by the National Weather Service from Florida to Louisiana and residents all along the Gulf from Tampa to New Orleans are preparing for what may come if they are suddenly faced with a Category 2 Hurricane Isaac.

Tropical Storm Isaac has already proven deadly in Haiti, killing at least eight in heavy flooding and mudslides. Governor Rick Scott of Florida declared a state of emergency for the state on Saturday as Tropical Storm Isaac approached the Florida Keys.

In Tampa, the Republican National Committee cancelled the opening day of the RNC convention as they faced the possibility of damage and disruption from Tropical Storm Isaac. While the Republican National Convention faces added issues with security, and cancellations from numerous high-profile attendees, the RNC does still plan to move forward with the rest of the event at this time.

A state of emergency has also been declared in Louisiana and the city of New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina ripped apart the city and killed scores in massive flooding seven years ago this week.

While Tropical Storm Isaac is currently only packing winds of 60 miles an hour, the National Weather Service predicts the storm could strengthen to a Category 2 or higher Hurricane Isaac before making landfall on the Gulf Coast sometime late on Tuesday or early on Wednesday.

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