Ina Garten’s Make-a-Wish offer: too little, too late

The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, has tried to make amends for twice snubbing a child from the Make-a-Wish foundation who wanted to meet Garten and cook a meal with her.  The little boy, whose name is Enzo, wanted to meet Garten because he has spent a lot of time watching her show while in the hospital.

Enzo was said to be very disappointed that Garten refused to meet him, but eventually he was told that he had to let it go and choose a different wish.  Now that he’s decided he wants to swim with dolphins instead, suddenly Garten, under extreme public pressure, has come back to say that she will meet with Enzo after all.  Enzo, however, now seems to have forgotten all about her, and is much more excited about learning to swim and getting in the water with the dolphins.

11 thoughts on “Ina Garten’s Make-a-Wish offer: too little, too late”

  1. She forgets it is the mothers and fathers that prepare the meals and it will be the mothers and fathers that will see to it that she goes to the soup line.

  2. She’s always struck me as being a bit full of herself and a Hampton elitist. She probably didn’t notice the dying boy’s request because 1.) Her nose is too high up in the air and, 2.) His family isn’t rich.

  3. How cold must ones heart be to refuse a sick child? And I don’t believe for one nanosecond that she is bombarded with requests like this. Children are not the demographic who watch her show, so you think she’d be touched. Looks like ol’ Ina shot herself in the foot…TWICE.

  4. Wow, guess you people don’t know that the mother has said the child is NOT DYING and that she is the one who released the info to TMZ, even though Make A Wish has stipulated there is to be no releasing of any info about transactions. Or would you rather hate Ina regardless if she did any wrong.

  5. I couldn’t stand the sight of Ina Garten before this, and now her very existence repulses me. I hope she gets leprosy.

  6. Have always enjoyed your show, but now have no regard for you. How dare you deny a child his dream, you should be ashamed .

  7. I never could see the draw to her, i never watched her , she is no rachael ray or the other nice looking blonde that cooks, my impression of her was she was a ugly fat girl that spoke softly, what a pig!!

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