Iron Man 2 Box Office Already Piling Up the Cash

Iron Man 2 is already piling up the cash at the box office! The Iron man sequel opened in more than 2,500 theaters at 12:01 AM on Friday and has earned an estimated $7.5 million just from fans willing to camp out for the film’s midnight premiere.

Robert Downey Jr. in 'Iron Man 2' (Marvel)
Robert Downey Jr. in 'Iron Man 2' (Marvel)

Iron Man 2 will play in over 4,000 theaters in the U.S. throughout the weekend and is expected to easily come out the big winner at the weekend box office with an estimated $140 million take at least. Hundreds of theaters across the country sold out for the movie’s midnight showing.

The opening of Iron Man 2 hasn’t quite managed to break any records yet, but so far the film is certainly making a strong showing at the box office. The film has already grossed over $133 million worldwide.

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3 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 Box Office Already Piling Up the Cash”

  1. Iron Man 2 exceeds from its predecessor in almost every way. More action, comedy, villains, and an all-star cast you have been waiting for since the moment you saw Nick Furry in the end credits scene in the first. The story is very new and really has you with a “what happens next” attitude. Yes it does share some kind of typical works from its original but takes everything good from Iron man and times it by ten. Truly as a Marvel fan, seeing little tidbits towards “The Avengers” gets very exciting and intense. Marvel studios are really going to take these movies and turn it into a Franchise where hit blockbuster movie characters and classic comic book Characters combine and will create the most epic film of this decade. The great Mickey Rourke playing the frightening Whiplash does level up with action but lacks a true performance from him. Also Scarlett Johansson portrayed the deadly black widow in a very sleek and sexy way. With Terrance Howard also being replaced by Don Cheadle, War Machine is born. And as where iron Man 2 leaves off and how the improvements create visual excitement from the first you see Iron Man. When the first film came out, everything was admired for Tony Stark’s visual technology in his house and his abilities in the suit. If you were impressed by these little things in the first than you will be jaw dropped with excitement when you see his new technological improvements in his house, hand-held technology, and of course his suit. Especially will have you mind blown with excitement when the final battle takes place. Over all Iron Man 2 is without a doubt one of this years best and most anticipated films. And after the credits…..prepare to have your mind blown.

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