Is Madonna Calling It Quits?

British site Holy Moly is reporting that Madge has hired take-no-prisoners attorney Nicholas Mostyn QC to help her out of her marriage to Guy Ritchie. Mostyn is the guy who helped Heather Mills lighten Paul McCartney’s wallet, and is apparently quite the brute. Maybe Madonna’s deluded herself into thinking Justin Timberlake has the hots for her!

Rumor has it there’s NO PRENUP! I call bullshit on that, cuz Madge is definitely in love with her money more than anything. She’s way to shrewd to screw up on that! If she doesn’t have one, Guy has mad hypnotic powers. Guy and Madge have “grown apart”; Guy wants to focus on movies and has gotten scared by Madonna’s freaky pumped-up arms.

Forbes says Madge earned over $70 million last year. Lock the safe!! We’ll see if Guy can find his own big gun to duke it out for the money.

2 thoughts on “Is Madonna Calling It Quits?”

  1. Yeah, no way she did that without a prenup. She’s worth way too much and has been too smart about money to do something dumb like that.

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