It Kinda Sucks To Be Lindsay Lohan

Lately, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been doing so great in the “keeping a gig” department. First, she had a sweet cameo opportunity on the fab Ugly Betty, and she went and brought her diva to the set. Said set was not amused. LiLo’s original 6 show job got slashed.

Then, despite her gaffe LAST year at the World Music Awards in Monaco (calling Beyonce out onstage while she was still getting her weave on) the powers-that-be invited Lindsay back to host. It’s a miracle Lindsay lived through the Beyonce thing. You know Sasha Fierce is still gunnin’ for her ass.

Well, the powers started to get cold feet because of the diva thing Lindsay has going for her. They thought maybe a co-host would help Lindsay not screw the whole shizz up. Cute Jesse Metcalfe was called in to give her some “support”. The dang diva popped out and let the powers know that firecrotch don’t need no sidekick. Brilliante.

The Mirror UK
says: “The organisers had gone through a list of who was hot at the moment and returned to Lindsay again. But the feedback they got was really negative. They got worried and decided to change it. In the end it was decided by both parties it was better if she pulled out.”

Soooo…now Lindsay’s been axed. The ULTIMATE salt-in-the-wound? Her replacement. It’s Miss Bimbo USA Denise Richards. Yes, possibly the worst actress on the planet is replacing Lindsay as the host. Wanna watch a trainwreck? Heh.

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