It’s A Bad Idea To Invite Amy Winehouse To A Fancy Ball

It was a high society ball to benefit the Prince’s Royal Trust, and was attended by VIPs in beautiful ball gowns. Amy Winehouse was invited, and her 12 year old goddaughter Dionne was to make her singing debut. what could go wrong with this picture? Everything. And it did.

Last night’s “End Of Summer Ball” in London saw Britain’s finest turn out for an exclusive, black-tie event. Amy Winehouse showed up in scruffy animal print shorts, looking shockingly skinny and ill…even for Amy.

Amy proceeded to out-Amy herself in front of the shocked attendees. Onlookers were shocked at how OUT OF IT Amy was, and they cringed as she grabbed and hugged Dionne as she tried to perform. A live band and one of Amy’s back-up singers were on stage for the set. According to the UK Daily Mail:

It was tragic — she seemed totally wasted. She was jumping all over Dionne as the poor girl tried to sing for the crowd. Amy didn’t really sing a single note — it sounded more like she was grunting down the mic. At the end of the performance, Amy’s backing singer told the crowd: ‘Isn’t she great? She’s only 12-years-old! But Amy crowed: ‘She’s better than you — it doesn’t matter how old she is. She then roamed from table to table, demanding to meet famous people.

Sugababe Heidi Range was sent to talk to her but couldn’t keep her attention long. Our spy said: “Amy was then asked to pose for the event’s official photographer, but flipped and tried to headbutt him. She looked like a woman possessed.” But backstage things took a turn for the worse. Our spy adds: ‘Amy collapsed backstage in tears. She kept saying, ‘Life can’t go on, I can’t do this’.’
It was a sorry return to the public eye for Amy, who has kept a low profile recently.

She arrived at her Camden home at the end of the night with only one shoe and looking horribly dishevelled

If you are within headbutt reach of Amy Winehouse, you’d better step off. ‘Cuz chances are good that she is gonna charge you like a bull in Madrid. It’s practically her favorite sport. Poor little Dionne, she’s such a cutie. Her mom, however, needs her HEAD examined for letting Dionne go anywhere NEAR Amy. Seriously. Those are grounds for child neglect, child endangerment, child influenced into traipsing into holy hell…

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