J-Lo and Skeletor get their own music show

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has always given favor to American Idol contestants who sing in Spanish, so now she and husband Marc Anthony have been handed their own TV show so they can find even more people to sing Latin music for them.  The show is going to be called Q’Viva! The Chosen (yes, really), and rather than being a competition, it’s going to be something… else.

Apparently Jennifer and Marc are going to travel all around the American continents, searching for the best Latin performers in the most unlikely places.  The idea, of course, is to uncover talent that would otherwise die a lonely death, but I imagine the hosts and producers of the show stand to gain just a little bit of money and attention, as well.  They need to fire whoever came up with that name, though

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  1. LOL, this blog reminded me of an ex. He was talking about this type of issues all day long. So much in fact, I ended up talking and reading about them myself. I liked finding your blog, I’ll come back from time to time.

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