J Lo Falls at AMAs and Adam Lambert Takes a Tumble Too

Jennifer Lopez took a fall on stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday, but the minor mishap didn’t keep her from giving a smoking performance. The booty-shaking diva kept things hot and grooving, despite her momentary two left feet.


J Lo took off for a bit jump in the midst of her performance of “Louboutins” during the AMAs, but landed on her butt instead of her feet. The well-padded Lopez didn’t let the slip-up keep her down. She was quickly back on her feet and moving to the beat.

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only celeb to take a fall on the AMA stage. Adam Lambert also had a harsh encounter with the floor during his performance of his new single “For Your Entertainment”. Lambert also recovered in a heartbeat, rolling into his next move with not a hair out of place. His instant twist into the next bit left many wondering if he’d even slipped at all! (A bit of slow-mo on the TiVo does reveal a bit of a stumble and hard landing before the nifty roll up.)

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7 thoughts on “J Lo Falls at AMAs and Adam Lambert Takes a Tumble Too”

  1. JLo bounced right up and Lambert moved like a marshall artist in perfect sequence. Holy moly folks, we got two professionals acting like professionals.

  2. I didn’t even really notice. Jlo recovered quickly and Lamberts looked more like it was part of the act than anything else. It looked a little too smooth to be a fall. ARe you sure it was?

  3. Not only professional.. But worth of respect.
    I don’t understand there are people totally ignoring this.
    These performers tumbled while entertaining us. A little less cold-blooded would be better.

  4. Most seem to think while the roll was part of the routine, he did have a bit of a fall in there. Some of the still shots show a bit of flailing. But he hasn’t commented so far that I know of.

  5. ADAM did comment about the fall in one of his extended interviews stating that he DID fall & had to think quickly, therefore the ‘ninja roll’. He also said that it unnerved him because he felt foolish & was thankfull that he recovered in time to sing the next line of the lyric & didn’t completely roll off the platform. SO … YES … he did FALL!

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