J. Lo Trains For Triathlon, Too Busy For Babies

Jennifer Lopez is determined to get her pre-baby body back and has been training like a crazy woman so she can take part in a triathlon. Hubby Skelator tells TV show Extra,

Jennifer is training for a triathlon. In October. I’m very supportive. I’ll be on my Segway (encouraging her).

Skelator’s too frail to walk! Or to talk in long sentences. Jenny’s bloodsucking has now confined him to Segway travel. He’s also exhausted from caring for the twins ‘cuz Diva keeps running off the nannies. They’ve lost several in the last 2 months because La Lopez wants them to work 48 hours a day with no break. One lasted a whole week.

J. Lo lures them in with a nice sounding salary and then works ’em like Cinderella. The poor nannies end up making sweatshop wages because of the long hours. No wonder the latest pics of the twins look like the babes are seeing Jenny and Skelator for maybe the third time in their lives.

So if you see Jenny on your block, running like a madwoman, be sure to look out for Segway-Skelator too. Unless you look like a potential nanny, they’ll run your ass over!

photo credit: 7confessions

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