Jada Pinkett defends her family’s lifestyle

When you’re a famous couple and you allow your kids to get into show business at an early age, there are bound to be criticisms.  Jada Pinkett (wife of Will Smith) has responded to those criticisms by saying that she is not out to exploit her children, and she makes a couple of interesting points in her favor.  One, she and Will are not some struggling working class people trying to make a buck from their offspring.

They don’t need the money, and there’s no pressure on the kids to be financial crutches for the family.  True, they have a very unusual family structure, with two famous parents, and the kids were going to have to deal with that no matter what… so why not let them follow their dreams?  They’ve obviously got more than their share of creative genes, and Jada says it would be a shame to stop them out of fear.  Fair enough.

2 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett defends her family’s lifestyle”

  1. If this note can be passed on to Will/Jada, I ask that they stay married to one another till death do they part. It is a definite requirement from God. Marriage is not like putting/taking off clothes, it is sacred in the eyes of God, and they are a beautiful couple and I know they can work out what ever problems they may have.(And more is in store) If they can make such good movies for the world to see, they should without any doubt make a simple thing as marriage work for the world to see. Do what God loves, you can never go wrong. Will be the husband of one wife, and Jada be the wife of one husband till death separates you. This is the Christian way of pleasing God, whom we all will face in the final judgment. Work hard as you work hard to make those movies, be an example for your children for when they marry. Another little tidbit to help you on this time side of life is to find a Church of Christ wherever you are living, learn about it, it is the only church you can read about in the Bible, then you must obey the Gospel. Jesus built only ONE CHURCH, read Matt. 16:18 and I Corinthians 15:24. He said he would build IT, not them.
    Respectfully submitted, and thanks for listening. All other readers are welcome to see this. mej

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