And from the looks of things, Brit-Brit is jealous of Jamie-Lynn’s preggy bod! Reports say Britney’s firing up the jet today and is about to hookem to Mississippi for the baby-poppin’. Brit honey, I’ve said it before, you REALLY, REALLY look knocked-up! Unless that’s one bigass cheeto bag you’re smuggling.

I don’t think you’re gonna be able to pull off one of those “I didn’t even know I was pregnant!” stories, Britney. Ah-HAH! You’re planning to hibernate down in the swamp with sissy awhile and make it LOOK like she had twins! Girl, you are one sneaky blonde.

UPDATE: The Enquirer online is reporting that:

Doctors are preparing to induce labor for Jamie Lynn Spears in the next 24 to 48 hours due to complications in the pregnancy, insiders told The ENQUIRER.
The 17 year-old star of Zoey 101 had an ultrasound last week, indicating her baby may be in breech position..Britney and her father Jamie left Los Angeles Wednesday morning on a commercial flight to join Jamie Lynn.

Earlier tests showed the baby is a girl. Jamie Lynn and Casey plan to name their new baby a combination of both their names – Cailynn or Cassie. Dang…I was bettin’ on Jaiylbait.

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