Janet Jackson goes gaga on Larry King

Janet Jackson was interviewed by Larry King recently, and when asked about her favorite current musicians, she listed Lady Gaga first and foremost.  Jackson said all the predictable things about Gaga being talented and innovative and fashion-forward, and also added that Gaga reminds her of a modern-day Grace Jones, constantly pushing boundaries.

Jackson claims that she met Gaga and knew her on a personal level before Gaga even got a recording contract, and that Jackson knew from the beginning that this was the start of something big.  Jackson says that Lady Gaga is something different for today’s music market, but I remember back in the ’80s when she was original and attractive and named Madonna.

One thought on “Janet Jackson goes gaga on Larry King”

  1. Well you OBVIOUSLY didn’t watch the interview before writing this article becuase Janet did not list Gaga as anything. Larry King asked Janet what type of music does she listen to? Janet said she loves Jazz& Brizilian Jazz and she proceeded to name her favorite brizilian artist.That’s when Larry King asked What do you think of Lady Gaga? Do you like her? (Always the sweet heart bever saying a bad word about anyone ever) Janet response “I love her.”. …. I don’t know what list your talking abot but Jane never brought Gaga up she just answered a question of what she thought of another artist.

    Oh and P.S. JANET>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Madonna #Runtellthat

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