Janet Jackson’s New Reality

Janet Jackson

Fear not the possible actor’s strike, because Janet Jackson is getting into the reality TV business! Janet’s developing a music competition for MTV. No name for the show yet, which has begun casting. Miss Nasty’s gonna “mentor” a group of aspiring singers and dancers. The show will be shot in the coming months as Jackson prepares for her world tour, which begins Sept. 10. Producer Dave Broome says

“It’s really about finding who’s the next Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake or Usher, and we’ll find it from a pool of people who you wouldn’t typically find it from. We’ll go to YMCAs, church groups, local community centers and try to cast the show.”

The show plans to take place in various street locales, rather than on a studio soundstage. Cheaper!! Producers are still working out what the prize – but it could potentially relate to Jackson’s tour. Free backup singers and dancers! Genius!

The project is the latest chapter in what has been a turbulent relationship between the channel and Janet. MTV produced the infamous Super Bowl halftime show that featured Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.” All is forgiven now, however, as MTV’s trying to run ANYTHING that’s better than the heinous Rock The Cradle. That crapfest had celebuspawn competing American Idol style for $100K and a record deal. Hopefully, Janet can attract some actual talent.