Jay-Z Defends Kanye West over Taylor Swift VMA Incident

Rapper Jay-Z is speaking out to defend Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the MTV VMAs. The Kanye West Taylor Swift incident launched a nationwide frenzy over West’s behavior, culminating in President Barack Obama calling him a “jackass” for his disrespect of the young singer.


In an interview with BBC Radio 1‘s Jo Whiley, Jay-Z called Kanye West’s actions at the VMAs “rude” but said he thinks it is equally “rude” the way he is being treated in the media. “He’s on the cover of every paper. He didn’t kill anybody. No one got harmed,” Jay-Z said.

Jay-Z said that although West’s actions at the VMAs were “inappropriate at the time,” he’s just a “super-passionate person.” Kanye West teamed up with Jay-Z for the rapper’s new album Blueprint 3. Jay-Z said Kanye West was only expressing his feelings over Taylor Swift’s defeat of Beyonce – Jay-Z’s wife – in the Best Female Video Award category at the VMAs. “Of course it was rude because it was her moment but that’s the way he really felt.”

“It’s an awards show,” Jay-Z said dismissively of the hype around the incident. “At the end of the day, we’re gonna celebrate [Kanye West] for his passion more than vilify him.”

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15 thoughts on “Jay-Z Defends Kanye West over Taylor Swift VMA Incident”

  1. Yes it is just an awards show which is all the more reason not to use the forum for such a jackass display and lack of self-control – a deficiency of restraint he has shown more than once. What passion is Jay-Z talking about? The man is an infant. Jay-Z comments are ridiculous and I am sure his demeanor would different regarding Kanye’s (or another’s) actions if the victim had been his wife and not Swift.

  2. it was all planned…to make beyonce look like a humble person…2 thumbs up for beyonce and jay-z and their clan for making people think they are nice and class act…they did a great job…like comon…don’t tell me that you didn’t notice beyonces fakeness after she had heard what kanye had to say…he has been a friend of theirs for a long time…i hope they all get exposed one day…that’s why jay-z “defends” him…they are all stupid…especially kanye…now everybody hates him…whooohoo…but he shouldn’t have to worry..he still has his “true” friends beyonce and jay-z:)

  3. Jay-Z is just as big an ass as his loser little bro Kanye. The only reason he is backing him is because they have a project about to launch. At least Beyonce has the scruples to know when right is right. You are a piece of true S–t brother Jay-Z and I hope your world turns upside down. Well at least nobody will have gotten hurt but you dips–t.

  4. I wonder if someone disrespected his wife while she was giving her speech if he would of said that “he was just being passionate”

  5. Wow, just bought the new Jay-Z album. Thinkin I am gonna return it after this. Roc-a-fella has lost me as a fan for life now. And Kanye, the same idiot who said that if the bible were made today he believes he would be in it, when is someone going to muzzle him? WOW, I wonder if Kanye and that Wilson guy are buddies?

  6. Jay are you serious. If the president calls you a jackass. You can’t defend the man on any level. Get off the Kayne boat before he takes you down with it.

  7. Jay-Z, you are as big a jackass as this fool you are protecting. How dare you defend this moron. I hope your career sink, you ass. I hope someone does this to your wife one day, and see you defend their passion for the moment. FOOL!

  8. Most of you seem to be missing the poing Jay-z is trying to make…think back to your high school english classes when you had to read a poem or a short excerpt and define the argument and the underlying assumptions presented. Those skills and reasoning seem to be lacking here. Jay-z didn’t have time to write some well-structured essay, he was brief and succinct. Also, notice how you were all just influenced by propaganda. The author, not Jay-z, used the word “defend.” Jay-z proffered an explanation for his actions. Furthermore, notice Jay-z said it was rude, inappropriate, and that he needed to learn to control his passion…does that sound like a defense? NO, it doesn’t…don’t let some writer who wants to generate controversy affect your thinking. He’s saying that Kanye is great because of his passion, and if we are to love his music for that passion then we cannot condemn him for the same passion that may arise elsewhere. It’s the same as with Michael Jordan’s hall-of-fame inductance speech; he brought back his high school coach and several other people who didn’t believe in him, people who took opportunity from him. His motivation and reason for success was those people, and him wanting to prove them wrong. We loved jordan for his greatness, but society was certainly not accepting of the reason for his greatness. Everyone loves that Kanye’s tracks are emotional and passionate, but we’re not always accepting of his passion. Before you start evaluating someone’s character based on a relatively isolated event, think about how you would want to be evaluated. America is a largely christian society…when you stand before God do you want him to judge you based on a moment where you lost your cool? similarly, I would not want anyone, friends family, etc to judge me in such a manner…no, you would want to be evaluated by way of your lifestyle and the messages you intend to bring to society. The name-calling and hate filled wishes you are bringing upon Kanye and Jay-z make you no better than them.

  9. Damn, people sure are overprotective of 19 year old talentless musicians. Jesus christ people, calm yourselves, Swift’s a big girl with millions of dollars, I think she’ll be fine. And all these celebrities who’re talkin shit about Ye, honestly, who are they? I don’t think the state of Kelly Clarkson or Pink’s careers justifies them to talk shit about a rap god. And Katy Perry? Really? God, if her next album even goes gold I’ll die of surprise. Peace out haters.

  10. I bought my last Jay-Z music . . . I would think he would defend Kanye because Kandy was applauding Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce, but he has gone too far. Kanye has a history of such outbursts and he ruins it for everyone. Boo to Jay-Z. I did think Beyonce looked a bit phony at the time but gave her the benefit of the doubt. Only one with class in that group is Beyonce’s father who pushed Beyonce to turn the mike over to Swift.

  11. Listen to the “Haters” track by Hovah and Kanye. It explains it all. Taylor will be alright. Lets see if she survives as long as Hovah and Kanye…It was definately not that serious.

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