Jay-Z Subway Ride Surprises New York Commuters (VIDEO)

Rapper Jay-Z surprised commuters on Saturday in New York when he decided to hop the subway to work. Jay-Z boarded the Subway in Manhattan and rode the train to Brooklyn for a performance at the new Barclays Center. Several lucky fans managed to catch the Jay-Z subway ride on tape, proving that even the ultra famous just sometimes would rather ride the subway than deal with New York street traffic.

Or that maybe Jay-Z just really wanted to create a spectacle and drum up some media attention by invading the New York subway with a cadre of bodyguards and having a crowd of commuters freak out and follow him around like a pack of hounds…

Jay-Z and his body guards reportedly caught the R train at Canal Street with his bodyguards. Fans who recognized the rapper immediately pulled out their cell phones, of course, and started snapping photos and videos. Jay-Z was tolerant of the amateur paparazzi and even posed with one fan. Some of them followed him all the way to Brooklyn.

Jay-Z riding the subway in New York no doubt brings back plenty of childhood memories for the rapper. He grew in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and his rap name is actually derived from the J/Z subway line.

After his subway ride, Jay-Z performed at the last concert in honor of the grand opening of the Barclays Center. The event also paid tribute to the newly renamed and relocated Brooklyn Nets, formerly known as the New Jersey Nets. Jay-Z is a part owner of the team.

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