Jennifer Aniston- Still Shallow

Professional Stalker Jennifer Aniston says she couldn’t be happier for her ex Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. A pal of Jen’s tells Us Weekly that “she hopes the twins are beautiful”, and that “she’d never want anyone to be unhappy with their kids”.

Good Lord, that girl is worse than I thought. All of those $20,000 a month beauty treatments I’ve been hearing about DEFINITELY were not for beautifying anything INSIDE. Like Angie and Brad wouldn’t love the babes if they WEREN’T beautiful. Whatever, Jen! Little Miss Shallow would have celebrated her eighth anniversary with Brad Pitt on July 29. If she hadn’t been such a piece of effin’ flypaper.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston- Still Shallow”

  1. it was just a mere comment. she meant no harm.
    so plz stop insulting her.
    she’ll have children at God’s time.
    halle berry gave birth at 41.

  2. Jen is a shallow piece of work. She only wanted Brad Pitt cause he was the best looking guy in Hollywood. Little did she know he had a personality, feelings and desire for a family. The reason he dumped her was that she didnt want kids. Im guessing she didnt want kids cause they would spoil her annorexic figure she worked so hard to obtain.

    Aniston looks hot, but there is nothing inside. Shes a typical girly girl. She will never have kids anyway. Too old now and wouldnt know how to be a mother and look after her pretty exterior at the same time.

    Shallow shallow woman. And an imature one i might add.

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