Jennifer Aniston Strips For GQ Magazine

Jennifer Aniston took it all off for the January cover of GQ magazine– choosing the patriotic route by wearing a red, white and blue tie. It’s naked week! At least Stalker didn’t have to lose 75 pounds via Photoshop like Khloe Kardashian! I digress. Jenny is still blabbing about ex-hubby Brad Pitt, and makes sure Saint Angie Jo knows she is still around.

“When there’s something to congratulate or celebrate, there’s an exchange,” she tells the magazine. “But there’s no charge on it.”

Stalker says that of course, they aren’t best friends, but they do keep in touch! Via Jenny’s voodoo doll! Aniston looks good for a girl who’s almost 40, though, and her plastic surgeon is to be congratulated for his fine work. May be time to hike the girls up a tad, however, before Stalker’s next spread.

Here’s Jenny on 30 Rock, playing herself.

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