Jennifer Anniston Pregnant Baby Bump for Real This Time?

As the Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wedding draws nearer, speculation that the future bride might be pregnant continues to swirl. Several recent alleged Jennifer Aniston pregnant photos have been splashed around the Net showing the superstar actress holding bags in front of her stomach and wearing baggy clothes. The latest Jennifer Aniston pregnant photo even supposedly shows what might just be a small baby bump.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in WANDERLUST. Universal Pictures.

Rumors of a pregnant Jennifer Aniston have been going around endlessly for years, but the impending Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wedding seems to have flamed them up even higher. If the 43-year-old actress plans on having a baby herself, the clock is rapidly ticking away. The older a woman is when she gives birth, the more chances something could go wrong or the baby could have birth defects.

In several recent photos, including this one here at, Jennifer Aniston has been shown smiling, glowing and… covering her stomach with jackets and/or handbags. An even more recent alleged Jennifer Anniston pregnant photo was just posted by here. In the photo, it looks like the Wanderlust star might just be sporting a tiny baby bump under her less than form-fitting shirt.

Of course, it just could be that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with a nice, juicy cheeseburger considering how skinny she is. Yoga pants and a baggy shirt do not automatically mean a Jennifer Aniston pregnant announcement is on the way.

The real truth is, the public probably will not know if Jennifer Aniston is pregnant until long after the fact. More likely, if Jennifer Aniston does decide to have kids at this point, she will probably go the route of former rival Angelina Jolie and just adopt.

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