Jennifer Lopez And Mark Anthony Sue Stroller Company For $30 Million

J. Lo and Skelatorj lo and skelator are trying another stunt to get some freakin’ PR. This one’s outrageous, alright. They’re suing a stroller company, Silver Cross LTD, for $30 million smackers. Did a stroller malfunction and hurt the twins? Of course not. No, this is about picture money, a J. Lo specialty.

They filed the suit in a California District Court on Wednesday claiming the company, which has outlets in the U.S. and U.K., used a photo of them to help sell a baby stroller.

According to the lawsuit, Jenny and Mark claim the company used a photo of the couple using a Silver Cross Balmoral Pram Carriage stroller to help sell the product on the company’s Web site and “in various print and electronic media and newsletters.”

The couple added in their suit that the “defendants have sought to illegally capitalize on Plaintiffs’ hard work, reputations and world-wide celebrity and recognition.”

Whatever, insufferable duo. Who in their right minds would put Skelator in a print ad?! No expectant mom would want that image in her head when she’s thinking baby thoughts. Sounds like y’all are going for one last big payday before you permanently split, like we know you will. Good luck with that.