Jennifer Lopez And Mark Anthony To Romantically Split On Valentine’s Day

Looks like Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony really ARE going to split up, dramatically, as usual. The famewhores have always been theatrical- J. Lo announced her pregnancy at a sold-out show in Miami during her El Cantante tour in November 2007 and will employ the same shock value a second time around. Sayeth a source:

“Marc and Jennifer are planning on announcing their divorce right after Marc’s show at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 14,” a friend of the couple tells us. “Jennifer is planning on joining Marc onstage for a surprise duet. Things haven’t been right for a while now, and they thought it would be a bittersweet farewell. They’re definitely planning a clean break in February.”

Oh, the drama! “Surprise, Marc! Happy Valentine’s day, suckah. I’m leavin’ your bony ass! In front of thousands!” Skeletor and J. Lo have been married just over four years and are the parents of 10-month-old twins Max and Esme. They renewed their vows in a surprise Las Vegas ceremony back in October, but sources close to the pair say that it didn’t help, and that their relationship has been on a downward spiral in recent months. Lopez, 39, raised eyebrows when she arrived at “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” premiere in early December without her wedding or engagement rings.

Skeletor, 40, has been spotted sans his own wedding band at N.Y.C. hot spots such as Bungalow 8. He was also caught partying — bandless — with pal Eva Longoria Parker at Lavo in Las Vegas on Dec. 8. Eva needs to get some LASIC. Looks like Jennifer finally did. Marc’s reportedly a control freak, and J. Lo blames him for controlling her right out of a career. We’ll see if this can breathe some life into her slump…maybe she should start calling the papz like Britney! Cheeto run!

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