Jennifer Lopez claims she’s not a diva

Jennifer Lopez says that she has no idea where the rumors come from that she’s a diva who dishes out bizarre demands and generally makes everyone’s life miserable, but she swears nothing could be further from the truth.  This response comes after reports that Lopez and her people made unreasonable “requests” during the negotiations for her American Idol contract.

Everyone’s worried about how interesting Idol could possibly be without Simon on the panel anymore, but I think the producers did a good job in hiring someone with as much controversy as Lopez seems to stir.  She claims never to have been a diva, but that would mean that over the years there have been metric tons of smoke with no fire.  My bet is that the Idol producers know exactly what they’re doing, and within the first few weeks of the season we’re bound to see some serious tantrums and drama from the now-struggling pop star.