Jennifer Love Hewitt Has A Stalker

Cutie-pie Jennifer Love Hewitt has really hit a rough patch lately. First, she and her fiance Ross McCall broke up over the holidays. THAT sucks by itself, but apparently J. Lo Hew’s been stalked by a real freak as well. The “Ghost Whisperer” actress started receiving graphic letters from a 62 year-old guy named David Nolte, which described violent sexual fantasies. Disgusting!

Fortunately, Jen was granted a 3 year restraining order against Nolte. She REALLY got scared when he showed up at her mother’s house in December. Jennifer also believes this nutbag sold his home in Colorado so he could move to LA to be closer to her.

Nolte is now banned from going to the Universal Studios in Los Angeles, where Jennifer shoots the show, and was also ordered to stay away from her family and ex-fiancé Ross McCall. Maybe it’s time to start packing some heat too, Jennifer, …and give the dirty old man a peek atTHAT if he lurks around again!