Jersey Shore Star Deena Cortese Arrested for Being Herself (VIDEO)

Honestly, I think it is a bit strange that Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese was arrested on disorderly conduct charges Sunday afternoon in Seaside Heights. After all, isn’t her whole life on Jersey Shore kind of one big run of disorderly conduct? Does that mean she should be in jail full-time?


Apparently Deena Cortese was arrested on Sunday afternoon around 3:45 PM after she exited a bar and started dancing in the street, obstructing traffic. Well, I suppose that is taking the whole disorderly conduct thing a bit further than can be safely ignored.

“Deena walked out of a bar by herself and started to dance in traffic. An unidentified driver was attempting to drive around her and she wouldn’t let him pass,” Detective Steve Korman of the Seaside police department told E! News.

Police did not approve of Deena Cortese’s impromptu dance performance and promptly hauled the Jersey Shore star off to jail for disorderly conduct. Deena Cortese was processed at police headquarters and then released.

The incident was “nothing major, but we can’t put up with it,” said Seaside Heights Police Chief Tommy Boyd. “We don’t treat the cast differently than anyone else.”

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