Jesse James and Sandra Bullock Divorce Lawyer Hunt

Rumor has it Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are both reportedly on the hunt for divorce lawyers, but it won’t be James who initiates a permanent split. Bullock has been in virtual seclusion since news hit the tabloids her husband was allegedly cheating on her with tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Sandra Bullock (Photo: Rita Molnár - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Sandra Bullock (Photo: Rita Molnár - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock have both been interviewing high-profile divorce attorneys, a source reportedly told One of the lawyers allegedly being consulted is celebrity lawyer Lance Spiegel, who has represented Hollywood stars such as Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson and Heather Locklear. The source said, however, that James would not be the one to initiate divorce proceedings and will wait to see what Bullock does.

Bullock has already bowed out of several important events since the Jesse James affair scandal broke, including the Berlin premiere of The Blind Side. The Oscar-winning actress is reportedly spending time doing a lot of soul-searching about her future and her relationship with James. A source reportedly told that Bullock had “cried enough last week to last a lifetime” over James’ alleged betrayal and is working to get her life “back to her normal routine.”

We wish Bullock the best and know she loves James’ kids very much, but we think it’s time to dump the bastard and move on pronto. Letting these guys use you for doormats and then taking them back like nothing ever happened sets a bad example for women everywhere. (Are you hearing us Elin Nordegren???)

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