Jesse James: Serial Cheater

To say that Jesse James is a serial cheater is putting it nicely. Of course we all remember the revelations that ended his relationship with the beautiful, accomplished Sandra Bullock just days after she won an Oscar: he’d been cheating on the superstar, and it wasn’t just a one-time thing. He managed to drop relatively off the radar and has been dating Kat Von D. They were engaged until Kat found out that Jesse had been cheating on her with not one, not two, not ten but 19 other women during the year they were together.

That’s a lot of women for one year, while balancing a so-called committed relationship, it’s impressive (in a sick way) that he managed to meet and seduce that many ladies. Now, people close to the situation are urging him to seek sex addiction counseling.

Plus, the couple’s split is getting nasty. Among the problems?  Kat’s refusal to return her 4.5-carat diamond engagement ring — which legally she’s entitled to keep.