Jesse Metcalfe Knocked Out After 40 Foot Balcony Fall

Looks like some partying at the World Music Awards in Monaco this weekend got a leeetle bit out of hand. Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe, who hosted the awards, apparently lost his balance and fell 40 feet off of a balcony. Damn! This wouldn’t have happened if Lindsay Lohan had co-hosted as originally planned! SamRo’s attachment at Lindsay’s hip would have saved them all from going over the side.

But back to Jesse – his rep sayeth:

“He accidentally slipped off a balcony and was knocked unconscious, but he is fine and now recovering from some minor bruises in a London hospital.”

Jesse’s having some CAT scans before he comes home. Dude is really lucky. SamRo’s gonna feel bad for being so jealous of Jesse, but, come on. She can’t compete with THAT hottie!