Jessica Simpson: A Bad Night In Grand Rapids

Jessica Simpson Grand Rapids Meltdown

Stop the pain! Jessica Simpson’s having a run of bad performances…some because she insists upon YAMMERING about her Cowboy Tony Romo. Actually, Jess does this every time. But something else she’s been doing a LOT of, is screwing up onstage.

Last night, Chesty was in Grand Rapids, MI., and Tony missed his flight. So…bipolar meltdown. In between blurbs like “I’m so excited, I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow” and “He’s the person who makes me relax”, she shocked fans with several onstage bloopers, then eventually walked off in tears. Chest was opening for Rascal Flatts, and gave about 40 minutes full of embarrassing crapola.

She kept screwing with her in-ear monitors throughout the show, lost her place in several songs, and totally FORGOT the lyrics to her song “Come on Over“.

There’s more. (I told you it was a bad night.) Jessica stopped during the intro to “Pray Out Loud“, asked her band start over, before mouthing the word “sorry” to the crowd. She told the massive 8000-person audience: “My voice is weak tonight.” In a bizarre introduction to her last song of the set, “Do You Know“, Jess said she wished she could “walk off the stage”.

At the merciful end of the show, she did walk offstage in tears, after thanking her band for “having her back.” One concert-goer told the Grand Rapids Press, “I felt bad for her tonight. It was uncomfortable to watch.”

It’s obvious that Chesty wants to be at home, barefoot and preggers. Married to Tony, of course. She is NOT above throwing hail-marys if she has to, and Snarkista thinks her crappy shows are all a part of her devious plan! You are so sneaky, Chesty.