Jessica Simpson Gets Panned Again In Canada

There are a lot of Canadians that are huge country music fans. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be Jessica Simpson-as-country-singer fans. Jessica got panned AGAIN for a Canadian performance. Last time was in Ontario, this time it was in Windsor. The Windsor Star music reviewer had this to say about Jessica’s act:

“The 28-year-old Texan knows she has to work twice as hard to earn her stripes as a performer. But with zero stage presence, a voice that only occasionally found the right note, and batch of ordinary new songs, it was all in vain.” Her stage presence was further criticized in the review, saying she “paced back and forth across the stage like a table dancer,” and when the former reality TV star explained the meaning behind one of her songs, she told women in the audience to “run the other way if they’re in an abusive relationship, ‘preferably in a pair of Jessica Simpson boots.’ ”

Way to throw the product placement into the act, Jess! Snarkista thinks Jessica may know that her line of shoes is gonna make her WAY more money than her “country career”. Maybe she should follow boyfriend Tony Romo’s lead and study some “game tapes”, but watch Carrie Underwood performances instead of the Washington Redskins! Study the competition! Carrie’s apparently your competition on AND off stage, so take some notes, girl! Seriously, Jess, country fans aren’t taking you seriously. Sounds like you need to take the act OFF the road until you LITERALLY get your act together.

One thought on “Jessica Simpson Gets Panned Again In Canada”

  1. wow thats some serious reviews!! i dont like jessica she has a nice vocal sound if im not watching her cause she looks wierd with her facial expressions but i dont like more from her is her personality i heard her after radio show after radio show just mocking carrie and making her look bad i dont think thats very nice or classy you dont do that to people it looks bad and immature even if she didnt like carrie’s comments about romo she knows how tabloids make money …i dont take her serious at all she’s a struggling with her singin career stick to fashion and looking cute.

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