Jessica Simpson nude pregnant Elle Magazine cover

The new Jessica Simpson nude pregnant Elle Magazine cover is out and, well, it reminds us of something… Oh yeah, that Demi Moore nude pregnant photo on Vanity Fair back in 1991. Oh, and Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, who have also showed off their nude, pregnant selves on  magazine covers. Yawn.

Look, I’m all for beautiful Jessica Simpson naked photos, but I have to ask… how exactly is this different from a photo you might see on the cover of Playboy? Just because these ladies are pregnant, it’s somehow just perfectly normal for them to appear on a major magazine cover with no more covering than some well-placed hands? If they weren’t pregnant, would they be standing on the cover of Elle Magazine in the buff?

After all, um, isn’t Elle Magazine supposed to be a FASHION magazine? Is nude and pregnant the new black? Do you know what teenage boys who find this on their mother’s coffee oh-so stylish coffee table are going to do with this cover? Isn’t this trend over yet? Frankly it’s reached critical boring mass.

Anyway, back to the Jessica Simpson nude Elle cover. While the interview is pretty much just an excuse to get Simpson to pose naked on the cover, it does reveal a few tidbits. Such as, Simpson says she and husband Eric Johnson have chosen a “nontraditional” name for their daughter-to-be. Yes, it’s a girl, she confirmed it. Please god, let’s just not have it be a fruit or a car or something out of a comic book. (Yes, you heard me Nicolas Cage and Gwyneth Paltrow, what were you thinking?)

The April issue of Elle Magazine with the Jessica Simpson nude photo cover hits newsstands on March 20.

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