A slew of Jessica Simpson pregnant photos seem evidence enough that the singer & actress is heavily knocked up, but she still refuses to openly confirm a baby is on the way. Simpson reportedly told OK Magazine that she “loves being pregnant” because she can eat whatever she wants, but she still will not talk to the press when questioned about the obvious baby bump she’s carrying around.

The UK Mirror claims OK Magazine paid Jessica Simpson $500,000 for her announcement that she really is pregnant, despite her continued refusal to discuss her pregnancy when questioned. Simpson reportedly told OK Magazine that she is happy she now can “eat anything I want and no one will care. It’s just sort of a rule with pregnant women.”

An unidentified ‘friend’ allegedly told In Touch that Simpson is carrying a girl and purchased a $15,000 crib.

Rumors of Jessica Simpson being pregnant have been going around for weeks due to numerous photographs showing her sporting an increasingly large baby bump. Simpson, 31, and fiancé Eric Johnson, 32, were previously rumored to have gotten hitched in a private wedding ceremony. Maybe so they wouldn’t be dropping a baby out of wedlock?

Even though the Jessica Simpson baby bump continues to grow to epic size, her reps are still keeping their mouths shut about any baby on the way.

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