John Edwards Mistress Rielle Hunter Says She’s No Gold Digger

John Edwards‘ mistress and baby momma Rielle Hunter (born Lisa Jo Druck) is finally speaking out about her affair with the former presidential hopeful. Hunter says she is not the “gold-digger” she’s been portrayed as and claims her love for Edwards “is till death do us part.”

Rielle Hunter interview in GQ ( screenshot)
Rielle Hunter interview in 'GQ' ( screenshot)

“I’m not a predator, I’m not a gold digger, I’m not the stalker,” John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter says in an interview with GQ. Hunter also claims it is not her fault John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth Edwards ended up with their marriage on the rocks. “Infidelity doesn’t happen in healthy marriages… So the home was wrecked already. I was not the Home Wrecker.”

Hunter told GQ that she first met and slept with John Edwards in February 2006. According to her, the connection between them was instant and electric. “I had never experienced anything like what was flowing between us… It terrified me.”

In the GQ interview, which is accompanied by several sensual photos of Rielle Hunter, the former Edwards staffer says rumors the two are planning to wed have no validity. As for whether or not wedding bells might be in the future someday, well, you never know.

“I do know that I love him and that love is till death do us part, and probably beyond.” Hunter said. “The love doesn’t go away. It’s unconditional.”

We have two things to say about Rielle Hunter’s GQ interview. First, it really doesn’t help your claims you aren’t a gold digger, predator or stalker when you go blabbing your mouth about your affair to the public at large. Keeping your damn mouth shut would have gone a lot further in making you not look so much like a fame-whore.

Secondly, it is more than cheap and downright nasty to have a photo of you posing with your kid in your magazine right next to photos of you looking like a second-rate porn star. That’s just wrong and disturbing and tells us a lot more about your psyche than anything that comes out of your mouth.

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