John McCain Has A REAL Problem Now

We all know Heidi Montag professed her political love for John McCain a few months ago, and declared she was on his side! Now, Heidi’s been brown-nosing Meghan McCain, John’s daughter. This is NOT a good thing for John. He needs to re-watch the Jib Jab video!

Heidi was lunching with Meghan yesterday, and the effin’ famewhore says she’s hoping to hit the road to do some stumpin’ for McCain! Montard told E!-

We’ll see, We’re just so busy, so we’re trying to figure out our schedules.

Snarkista expects the “we” is Heidi and Spencer, not the royal “we”, OR Heidi is insufferably talking about herself in the third person. Which is entirely possible.

Heidi says she and Meghan have become “good friends” since first meeting less than three months ago at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C. Who in the hell invited Heidi to THAT event? Guess somebody bailed at the last minute.

Heidi and Meghan don’t talk about world peace, or oil prices or other stuff that hurts their brains. They talk about fashion, specifically Heidi’s “fashion”. “A lot of fashion, actually,” says Montag. “We talked about my clothing line, and she was asking where to get it.” Wow, THAT conversation was short. But that’s all the programming Heidibot has right now. Fashion and Spencer and photo-ops. Meghan was probably trying to find out how to AVOID Heidi’s heinouswear.

Everyone knows McCain has a big youth problem, and is trying to figure out how in the HELL he’s gonna get anyone under 30 to vote for him. John, honey, this is NOT the way. Run, run, run away from the douche-duo. They will absolutely make the problem worse. If Meghan has to have lunch with Heidi, make her do it locked in her room. Trust Snarkista.

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