Johnny Depp Dark Shadows Vampire Photo Sneak Peek!

Goodbye sparkly emo Twilight vampires and hello weird and creepy Dark Shadows movie deliciousness! New Johnny Depp Dark Shadows movie vampire photos have hit the Internet and the delectable movie star looks fabulously wicked as blood-sucking Barnabas Collins in the upcoming film.

We are still waiting on the Dark Shadows trailer video to come out, but at least now we have a few yummy photos from the upcoming film to keep us occupied. Director Tim Burton‘s adaption of the cult TV series is due to open on May 11th, but the premiere just can’t come fast enough!

In the Dark Shadows movie remake, Johnny Depp stars as the lead character of vampire Barnabas Collins. Immigrating with his parents from London, England to America in 1752, Collins grows into a rich and powerful playboy enjoying the fabulous life. Unfortunately for the master of Collinwood Manor, he makes the terrible mistake of breaking the heart of a witch (Eva Green). The witch curses him with a terrible fate by turning him into a vampire and burying him alive.

Centuries later, Collins is freed from his earthy tomb and suddenly finds himself in a very different world. After being buried for 200 years, Collins attempts to reintegrate into society in 1972, restore the faded legacy of Colinwood Manor and deal with the remains of his totally crazy and dysfunctional family.

In addition to Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, the film also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Lee Miller, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green and Chloe Moretz.

For those who never watched the original Dark Shadows TV series, which ran from 1966 to 1971, it was great cheesy fun with terribly bad acting. Director Tim Burton calls his film remake a “weird soap opera” and we are hopeful that means he’ll be giving us a lot of the fabulous camp that made the Dark Shadows TV series so entertaining. (And yes, we know the original series was not intended to be campy, it just was. Especially if you were born 15 years after it originally aired and watched it in re-runs with your mom laughing through half the scenes.)

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6 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Dark Shadows Vampire Photo Sneak Peek!”

  1. Dark Shadows was never intentionally campy. If he goes down that road, I will not be a happy fan. It should be a serious gothic horror film. If Burton tries to make this “funny”, he’ll ruin a great opportunity. I’m just hoping for a great old-fashioned horror movie that is faithful to Dan Curtis’ soap from the 60’s. Since Depp is a fan, I would think he would hold true to that…

  2. The vampire in the series was Barnabas Collins not Barnaby. Surely Tim Burton would keep the name the same.

  3. The character’s name is Barnabas Collins, not Barnaby. One of the most iconic characters in television history, at least to us fans, so it feels sacrilegious to see the name misspelled so many times, especially considering that the sources from which the pictures were obtained used the correct name.

  4. Please feel free to blame the writer for having a “stupid” day. Yes, she did watch the series and loved it. However, it was many, many years ago and when typing early in the morning on little sleep, failed to realize she had mis-remembered the spelling of the name. Perhaps the witch should curse her for her idiocy…

  5. To describe the acting of the television cast as “bad” is, in my opinion, horribly insulting. They performed a half hour play “live” five days a week. There were no retakes and there was practically no editing whatsoever. They were performing a gothic horror complete with special effects with barely any rehearsal time and pulled it off with minimal gaffs most of the time. These were hardworking professionals who played the stories straight no matter how “out there” those stories sometimes were. That the stories and characters have endured to become a major motion picture forty years later is certainly due in large part to the cast, who deserve better than to have their abilities referred to so offhandedly as “bad.”

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