Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin appeared on The Today Show Monday nearly in tears after estranged husband Jon Gosselin allegedly cleaned out the couple’s joint bank account of $230,000.


Kate Gosselin on 'The Today Show'

“He took $230,000 of the $231,000 we had,” Kate told Meredith Vieira on The Today Show. “I have a stack of bills. The last thing I wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay our bills.”

Jon Gosselin reportedly cleared out the joint bank account after a long week of battling with Kate Gosselin and TLC over the future of Jon & Kate Plus 8. TLC announced recently they would be renaming the show to Kate Plus 8 and refocusing the series to feature Kate Gosselin raising her eight children as a single mother. Jon Gosselin responded by ordering TLC to “cease and desist” filming of the couple’s children and banned the network from the family home.

“It has ended our income and our paychecks and our opportunities,” Kate told Vieira. “I wish Jon would think more about it.”


Kate Gosselin said the children’s income from the show, however, remains protected. “Financially, the kids are protected. They have the fund that I set up for them … It is secure and substantial … and it is safe.”

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