Jon Gosselin Shocked by Kate Ditching Court Hearing

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin was reportedly “shocked” when estranged wife Kate Gosselin decided to ditch a court hearing Monday morning to attend a book signing. The Gosselins were due in court to settle a dispute over $230,000 Jon Gosselin allegedly took from a joint bank account without permission.


Jon Gosselin declared in court Monday he had returned $180,000 he had withdrawn from the former couple’s bank account to comply with a previous order from the judge in the ongoing financial dispute. Kate Gosselin, who was also scheduled to appear, was MIA – attending a women’s conference and book signing in California.

Blasting Kate Gosselin for not showing up, Jon Gosselin said his estranged wife has still not accounted for $33,000 she took from the joint account. Kate’s attorney, Cheryl Young, said the arbitrator in the couple’s divorce had not asked for her client to explain her usage of the funds and said she is “fully compliant.”

Jon wasn’t the only one pissed off by Kate’s blow-off, his laywer went on a full-out tirade about the woman he calls “the old lady who lived in the shoe.”


The Gosselins are due back in court in November for another divorce arbitration session. The final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs Monday night.

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15 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin Shocked by Kate Ditching Court Hearing”

  1. I dont blame them for being super pissed. Who the hell does she think she is for not attending? She thinks she is above the law. SHE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON.. JUST HORRIBLE.

  2. Neither Jon nor Kate was required to show up at the hearing today, just the lawyers to verify compliance and anyway how could Jon be “shocked” that Kate didn’t show up when he reported 10/23 that she would be at the Womens conference and book signing in LA today. Liar, liar, pants on fire and your greasy lawyer also.

  3. Jon Gosselin & Mark J Heller are well suited for each other. The more they run their mouth, the stupider they sound.

  4. I’m sure he was just as shocked that she wasn’t in court as she was when she realized he STOLE the money out of the joint account! The guy is a bum, cheating loser, not a good role model for his kids at all. If I were her, I would get him to sign off on the kids and let him waste away in the gutter. Where he belongs.

  5. Maybe she wouldn’t have to do book signings if Jon hadn’t have put a stop to her income. I’m not saying either one is right. I think they’re both fools but Jon had better find a job soon. Since Kate can’t support them with a TV show, child support will be painful.

  6. Everytime you open your mouth prove to be even more of douche bag.Your Lawyer is a Big Mouth Ass.Blah blah blah..For christ sakes shut them both up

  7. I don’t think john is Horrible, and maybe kate shoulda been there.. BUT his fricken lawyer just stood on national tv and made a complete fool of himself. John at least had dignity, his lawer, not so much.

  8. Kate was not required to attend the hearing only her lawyer. Jon has proven what kind of man he is not by spying and stealing money. he is a little boy looking for another 15 minutes of fame. Grow up try to be a man if not for yourself but for your children.

  9. Although Kate was not required to attend the hearing it is better that you do in the long run. Don’t forget Kate has also taken money out of the account on more than one occassion ($100,000 last time that the Judge had to ask her to return) — so they both are guilty on that. They both also need to be thinking about these children. Kate runs to media to cry about Jon and then Jon runs to media to try to defend himself. I am glad this show is off the air and the kids are getting a much deserved break. KATE wants the show to go on for MONEY — she needs to put all her money in the accounts (book deal and interviews) just as Jon is to do. KATE is not above the law but she thinks she is. KATE is in this for herself. She is not hands on with the kids but is gone a lot traveling and leaves them with nannies. So don’t give KATE anymore credit than what is due — NOTHING!!!! She does nothing but run to the media each time Jon does anything she does not like. OPEN your eyes neither of these two are good parents — they use their children for their own 15 minutes of fame whenever possible. I will say that JON appears to be spending and demands his time with his kids, while KATE goes on her interviews and book signing deals.

  10. Goes to show how stupid Jon’s lawyer is. Kate was NOT ordered to show up for this Court Date! All she had to do was provide an accounting for where she had spent the $33,000 which she did and she was represented in Court by HER lawyer. Kate was NEVER ordered to “show up” for this Court date. For all of you that hate Kate so much, your jealousy of what she has accomplished on her own is clearly showing. GO KATE – I still admire you for your strength of character and class.

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