Jon & Kate Plus 8 Off the Air for Good?

TLC will reportedly air the final episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 in November. With no end in sight to the ongoing war between Jon and Kate Gosselin, this may spell the end of the TLC reality show for good.


A TLC spokesperson issued a statement to on Thursday saying “Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be done in mid to late November.” The network has not commented on whether they hope to pursue their idea of revamping the show to focus on Kate Gosselin and the kids.

After TLC announced the network would be renaming the show to Kate Plus 8 and refocusing the series to feature Kate Gosselin in her role as a single mother of eight kids, Jon Gosselin slammed back with a cease and desist order against TLC. The network was forced to stop production when Jon Gosselin revoked his permission allowing them to film his eight children with Kate.

We kind of have to agree with the vulgarity filled rant of former America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry on this one. “Jon and Kate handled the entire thing wrong, their kids are going to grow up to resent and hate them,” Curry said at the Fox Reality Awards on Tuesday – where Jon & Kate Plus 8 was booed loudly by the audience. “They should hang up their towel and get a real f***ing job to support their children instead of ruining their lives.”

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11 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Off the Air for Good?”

  1. YEAH! now maybe we will stop being force fed stories about these two idiots….the gravy train has run out Jon and Kate, now got get real freaking jobs

  2. It’s way past time for TLC to stop enabling these parents & being a party to the damage being done to these innocent children. If TLC had ANY sense of responsibility they would cancel the show immediately & not even air the final episodes.

  3. This people need to get a job. There is alot of people that have more than 8 kids and u dont see them in a reality show. Not even movie stars have there kids on TV. They love their children and they dont want to expose them, thats what u call real parents

  4. I agree with you all. However these two people needs to grow up and get a real job they act more like children than adults. They are not putting their kids first at all they only care about the money thats it. I don’t even watch their show any more because i am over them. If i were kate i wouldn’t put my kids through all of this like being on the show right now it is not a good time for this not when they are in a divorce situation i think i would put the show off for right now.


  6. Of course Adrianne Curry is a giant hypocrite because America’s Top Model is shameless reality TV, too! You know there are many reality TV shows at the moment, but I think Jon and Kate were singled out. Who cares if it ends, but they are no worse than all the other attention seeking people out there.

  7. Well I think that Kate is doing what’s best for her children. What kind of job could she get to pay her bills, feed her children, or dress them. 1 child is expensive imagine having 8, she didn’t plan on having 8 kids out of 2 pregnancies hello!!! I think ppl are so ignorant, atleast she’s not on welfare and foodstamps. The show brings opportunities that those kids wouldn’t have otherwise. But imagine, if the show ended, where would the children be, how would they live, I bet they wouldn’t have all that they have now…

  8. Finally! Loved the show in the beginning,sick and tired of the media force feeding us with all the details about their divorce. They’ve gone way past their 15 minutes. They’ve both handled it badly, esp Jon, and Kate just keeps promoting herself for another possible show or book. Families like the Roloffs, Jen & Bill (the Little Couple) and Table for 12 are adorable and real with no pretention.

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