‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Show Booed at Reality TV Awards

They say all press is good press, but that isn’t necessarily so for Jon and Kate Gosselin. At the Fox Reality Channel’s Reality Awards Tuesday night, audience members booed when Jon & Kate Plus 8 was announced as a nominee for one of the awards.


Jon Gosselin apparently isn’t the only person out there who would like to see Jon & Kate Plus 8 ( or, as TLC planned to rename it, Kate Plus 8 ) taken off the air permanently. The TLC reality show as nominated for ‘Best Reality OMG Moment’ at the Fox Reality Channel Reality Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. When the name of the show was announced, the audience booed loudly in response.

The episode nominated for the award aired on June 23 and featured the announcement from Kate and Jon Gosselin  that they were separating after 10- years of marriage. Ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 have plummeted since the divorce drama between Jon and Kate hit the tabloids.

TLC officially shut down production on the show after being slapped with a ‘cease and desist’ letter from Jon Gosselin after the network announced they would be ditching him from the show. As the battle between the Gosselins continues to flame, it looks more and more likely the show may not return to the air.

During this week’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC aired a promo for the next episode stating: “With only a limited number of episodes remaining, Jon and Kate spend quality time with those who matter.”

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9 thoughts on “‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Show Booed at Reality TV Awards”

  1. That’s a hoot. A bunch of reality stars are booing the Gosselins? Jealous much? I’d love to know who made up the audience. One time participants on “Rock of Love”? Washed up “stars” who are airing their own dirty laundry?

  2. TLC……do not take Kate & eight off the air even before it has even started. Jon proved to be a liar by denying taking the money from the checking account don’t make Kate suffer because of him. I want to see Kate & eight!!!

  3. TLC – Please do NOT take Kate Plus Eight off the air. Kate has shown nothing but good taste in how she has conducted her life since her breakup with Jon, as well as how much she cares for her children. Do not let Jon’s behavior affect the rest of this family. I believe the show Kate Plus Eight will show the world that a Single Parent can be as effective, if not better, than two people living together as man and wife who hate each other.

  4. Take the trashy show and trashy family off the air. White trash wanna be mom is a greedy, and kid hater, and a lousy wife!!! Hope they do go broke. They had plenty of time to save the money, but no, the GREEDY wanna bes spend like there is no tomorrow. Get real jobs. Put the brats in the Foster care system.

  5. For all of you Kate supporters… have you actually ever watched the show?? She is a completley different person on the show vs. how she acts in interviews on the view, today show, regis, etc.. She should be winning a frickin’ oscar for the performances that she puts on. I just hope that her kids are able to live healthy, happy lives after being exposed on TV for all of their little lives.

  6. Both Jon & Kate are tools!! Hateful, fake Kate is a lousy mom, greedy bitch and awful human being. Take this trash off the air!! YOU people need to get a life!!!

  7. This show absolutely turns my stomach. First of all, if you consider your children to be “blessings”, why on earth would you subject them to the hell of living such pain in front of a camera. The great love that these two “parents” have is for themselves. Their greed has been steadily fed and this TLC is an atrocity. Shame on you for trying to balance your act by keeping your honest reality shows on the back burner while letting these two morons monopolize your network. Well of course it does come down to money doesn’t it! My prayers are with the Goesslin children and that hopefully they will lead relatively normal lives. After all, this ultimately is about the damage that has been already done and the ridiculous attempt of damage control. Damage not one of those children asked for. Redeem yourself TLC by KEEPING this show off the air. In the meantime, I’m quite sure the Goesslin’s are capable of finding real jobs like the rest of us. By the way, is anyone else interested on why this family “deserved” so many free rides in life with vacations, etc. Their(Jon & Kate’s)obvious attitude of entitlement says it all. Absolutely nauseating!

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