Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star Kate Gosselin Calls the Cops on Jon

Jon and Kate Gosselin apparently went at it full force Thursday night in a fight so nasty the cops got involved. What was the cause of the drama? Well, according to some sources, Kate Gosselin showed up unexpectedly at the family home where Jon Gosselin was taking his turn with the kids – and started screaming at him over an alleged affair with babysitter Stephanie Santoro.


According to the New York Daily News, unidentified sources witnessed Kate Gosselin arguing with Jon Gosselin at the family home on Thursday night. Kate Gosselin was reportedly enraged over Jon Gosselin’s alleged affair with one of their children’s babysitters, 23-year-old cocktail waitress Stephanie Santoro, whom Jon hired.

One witness to the debacle, according to, said Jon Gosselin would not allow Kate Gosselin into the house.

At some point during all the drama, someone called the police. reports a source saying it was Kate Gosselin who brought in the cops. Eventually Kate Gosselin vacated the property and shacked up at the local Days Inn.

Classy. We’re betting their eight children were just loving hearing mommy and daddy scream about their sex lives outside their windows. Looking a bit doubtful Regis’ wet dream about the two getting back together is going to happen any time soon.

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8 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star Kate Gosselin Calls the Cops on Jon”

  1. Jon Gosselin is a DOUCHE.
    She was upset because Santoro wasn’t the National Guard.
    Vick is no good! He is an animal torturer! Get him off my team or it won’t be my team anymore.
    What a mess, I used to love this show when it was all in innocence.
    Who cares about these 2 idiots, never heard of them. I could care less if they divorced, Throw her the high hard one ,that will straighten her out.
    They really need to end the reality show and move on with their lives. It was pitifull to see Kate checking into a hotel. She should know that she can’t be at the house when he has his custody. She needs to find an alternate place to stay. I don’t know what they are thinking. It is a ll a big joke now.

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