Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star Kate Gosselin Today Show Interview

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin appeared on the Today Show on Monday – still wearing her wedding ring. In the first TV interview since announcing her impending divorce from husband Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin told Meredith Viera she was “shocked” by her estranged husband’s behavior.


Questioned by Meredith Viera about her feelings regarding Jon Gosselin’s alleged girlfriends, Kate Gosselin said, “I was shocked… It is hurtful. It’s very hurtful. To be very honest, the most hurtful part is when his decisions directly affect our children.” Since seperating from Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin has been romantically linked to friend Hailey Glassman, Star reporter Kate Major and even one of his eight children’s babysitters, Stephanie Santoro.

In the Today Show interview, Kate Gosselin admitted she still wears her wedding ring, but said it is because she does not want to upset her children by taking it off too soon. Fighting tears throughout the interview, Kate Gosselin denied she was the one responsible for the initial breakup of her marriage, denying statements from Jon Gosselin saying otherwise. When asked if she still loves her soon-to-be ex, Kate Gosselin said simply, “When I think back to the Jon that I knew, yes, suffice it to say.”

Watch the interview below:

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10 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star Kate Gosselin Today Show Interview”

  1. sooo – there was not and is not any room for Jon in her emasculating self centered lifestyle

  2. Maureen – get real. He cheats right in his children’s face, and you call her self-centered? Puh-leez.

  3. sorry I still don’t feel sorry for her. She is mean and spiteful. Using her kids for money She emasculated him for years on the show and I am sure it was worse when they were not on camera. Cheating is never right but if someone treated me like she treated him I would have fallen out of love a long time before that She has a good publist making her look good. But people need to look at her and see what a money grubbing selfish person she is!

  4. I am not taking sides kate did disrespect jon
    on national television but now I see why jon is
    very childish he signed on for this before these children were born how dare he take money
    from his wife and kids if it wasn’t for the kids they would still be working like normal people.If anyone should go on shopping sprees
    it should be the kids not you jon, you are just
    angry the show was going to go on without you
    loser go back to your old job and make a living being a real man and pay real child support and leave kate alone.

  5. They are both losers. Kate was very demeaning to Jon and treated him like another one of the kids on the show. She was incredibly disrespectful, correcting his grammar all the time. Nobody should have to put up with that. Yes, Jon has acted like a complete jerk, but let’s face it … Kate contributed to the downfall of the marriage by how poorly she treated him. Takes two to tango … she’s not much better than him in my book.

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