Jon & Kate Plus 8 Stars Wrangle With Police Again!

Looks like Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin may have tangled with police again Thursday night. Police were allegedly called to the family home Thursday evening after yet another screaming argument.


Jon Gosselin and soon-to-be ex-wife Kate Gosselin were reportedly engaged in another nasty fight when police arrived on the scene around 7 p.m., according to Details are sketchy about exactly what was going on or who decided to phone the police. Oddly it seems has taken down their original post about the second police-involved incident. So there is always the possibility the report is false, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

Last Thursday night, police showed up at the family home to pry Jon and Kate Gosselin apart after a screaming fight over Jon’s alleged diddling with babysitter Stephanie Santaro. reported Kate Gosselin was the one who brought in the cops that time.

Seriously, for two supposed parents who are constantly swearing their kids are their top priority, Kate and Jon Gosselin sure don’t act like it. Mady and Cara are surely old enough to surf the internet by now. Which they probably do every time their parents aren’t hovering over them to quash every bit of freedom out of their lives.

If Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin truly gave a shit about their kids, they’d STFU, cancel their damn television show ASAP and give some vague attempt to be a normal divorced, dysfunctional family. Jon Gosselin might soon find himself fired from TLC soon anyway if the rumors have any substance, so it’s about time he got himself a real job.

Oh and Jon Gosselin, take those stupid earrings out of your ears, stop screwing the help and start taking some friggin’ responsibility for your actions. Nobody idiotic enough to saddle themselves with eight children has the right to act like an immature, mid-life crisis sucking asshat. Get over yourself. You lost the privilege to act like an overly horny, whiny teenager the minute you knocked up Kate the first time – much less being insane enough to do it the second time!

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