Joran Van Der Sloot Says He Sold Natalie Holloway- Video

Greta Van Sustern somehow managed to snag an interview with sociopath Joran Van Der Sloot, chief suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalie Holloway 3 years ago in Aruba. Joran’s told quite a few stories about what happened to Natalie, including one where he was secretly videotaped saying a man took her out to sea and dumped her (still possibly alive). Joran was recently filmed apparently trafficking girls into Thailand for prostitution. That tape makes his story to Greta seem more possible: that he SOLD Natalie Holloway for $10,000 to a Venezuelan man, who took her away on a boat while she was very drunk. The man was reportedly “looking for a blonde” to traffic overseas.

Among the shocking details that emerged from the interview are these:

* Joran’s lawyer knew from the beginning that his client committed the crimes of kidnapping and human trafficking while stating that his client was innocent and had nothing to do with Natalee’s disappearance.
* That Joran’s father Paulus Van der Sloot was complicit in the cover up of his son’s crime and that he bribed Aruban police officers.
* That at least two Aruban police officers solicited and received bribes to keep quiet.
* That his teacher from his school was complicit in a cover up and obstructed justice knowing what Joran had done in selling Natalee.
* Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were accessories to the crime against Natalee Holloway and were paid $1000 for their participation in the crime.
* That Deepak, Satish and his American attorneys knowingly obstructed justice and solicited the promise of $1 million in order for a quit pro quo for Joran to remain quiet and not say anything damning against the Kalpoe’s.
* Joran admitted to premeditated kidnapping, human trafficking and potentially accessory to murder if his “mystery” man killed Natalee.

Greta tried weeks ago, repeatedly, to get Aruban authorities to look at her evidence before it aired last night. She was completely stonewalled- even though she volunteered to meet Aruban prosecutors anywhere to give them this blockbuster interview and evidence.


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  1. I don’t believe any of the Natalee human trafficking story. I do believe that Joran is trying to throw out so many different stories that the truth will get lost in the dust storm. I also believe that Joran’s father is involved and because Paulaus has lost jobs over his involvement, Joran is trying to clear his father’s reputation. I believe that Joran drugged Natalee, the drug had an adverse affect, Joran panicked and called his father who went to the beach, sent his son home, and Paulaus took Natalee far out to sea and dumped her. Both of these men are pure garbage.

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  3. The day Natalalee’s photo was on the news as missing for the 1st time, I was at the gym and watching the news but not able to hear it. When I saw her photo, Instantly, I had a very strong, sence like none I’ve ever had before or since that she was alive and sold into prostitution. I told my family and friends about this because of how convinced I was. When I was able to actually hear the story, I was even more convinced. I believe still that she will be found. I pray for her and her mother and that the truth will come out.

  4. since the joran and three others have been involved in the incident then they should not be allowed to get away with this crime. It goes on to show that if you come from an wealthy home, you can kill and still be set free. However, this freedom is only restricted to earth, for GOD ALL AlMIGHTY sees all and is never asleep.

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