Josh Powell Explosion Kills Two Sons, Susan Powell Still Missing

Josh Powell, husband to missing Washington woman Susan Powell, killed himself and his two sons in a horrific explosion at their rental home on Sunday. Family members speculate that the Josh Powell explosion may have been motivated by a desire to keep his two sons from divulging information about their mother’s 2009 disappearance.

The terrible Josh Powell explosion took place only moments after a social worker had dropped off his two sons with Susan Powell for a supervised visit. Powell let the boys into the house, but then shut and locked the door, leaving the social worker outside. Just minutes later, the social worker smelled gas and the home exploded into flames.

“I think this was a last-ditch effort on his part to hurt everyone around him and escape all of the problems,” Susan Powell’s brother, Kirk Graves, told People. “Regardless of the impact on the boys, he just wanted to hurt everybody else.”

According to Susan Powell’s family and police authorities, the missing woman’s two sons had started to share more information in recent months. Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5, had reportedly been more talkative about Susan Powell’s disappearance. According to Graves, Charlie Powell  recently said his mother was “in the trunk” on the night when she went missing. Josh Powell allegedly took his sons camping that night and claimed he had no involvement in his wife’s vanishing.

“They were beginning to verbalize more,” attorney Steve Downing, who represents Susan Powell’s family, said today. “The oldest boy talked about that they went camping and that mommy was in the trunk. Mom and dad got out of the car and mom disappeared.”

Before his death, Josh Powell was the only person of interest in wife Susan Powell’s disappearance in 2009. He was never charged with any crime related to her vanishing. However, his father, Steven Powell was arrested on child porn charges last year. Josh Powell lost custody of his sons in relation to that arrest after police allegedly found images on his computer that were ‘concerning’ in regard to his children’s welfare.

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