Judge Orders More Casey Anthony Party Pics Released

* UPDATE: Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years Minus Time Served: Jurors Felt Sick Over Verdict


An Orlando judge has ordered that photos from indicted-for-murder Casey Anthony’s Photobucket account can be released to the public, but has delayed release of a video showing Casey’s reaction to the news that her daughter Caylee’s remains had been found.

The pics, showing Casey skanking it up in bars, throwing gang signs, throwing UP, and playing “see food” are many- there are literally hundreds. We’re putting a few up here, and you can find more here at the Orlando Sentinel. Casey’s attorney argued that the pics might make Casey look bad. No worries, Mr. Attorney. Casey took care of that a LONG time ago. Click the pics to enlarge. Classy!

9 thoughts on “Judge Orders More Casey Anthony Party Pics Released”

  1. We all know that this idiot didn’t care in the first place but now all of our thoughts are facts. She cares about one person and that’s herself. She is someone that never deserved to birth a child. Casey Anthony is a waste of air and human time. I hope that she is fried!

  2. I still cant believe this woman’s family still believes the stupid bitch.Even her Brother still believes her,After she told at least 2 of her ex boyfriends that Lee tried to have sex with her,Rape her what ever,I read it in the Documents.And he don’t seem bothered by it at all??This family is Weird,Maybe it is true.I think they all know what happened to little caylee.May Casey rot in jail for the rest of her pathetic life.I can not believe she thinks everyone is stupid,She should of came up with a better story that made sense.Not to bright there

  3. why won’t everyone just leave this poor girl alone? she is innocent until proven guilty! i’m outraged at all the nonsense that has been published.are we all entitled to a fair trial?i’m afraid at times to turn on the t.v because ofthe awful tings people are saying about her!GET A LIFE!!!!

  4. maseratti rick is right! you all seem to have a bad memory. just look how stupid everybody looked when they found out that oj simpson was falsly accused of murder!!you will all end up with egg on your face!!

  5. I would like some one to explain to me how so many douche-bags all wound up in Orlando! It’s
    incomprehensible ! ! ! Thanks in advance.


  6. What I believe at this point does not matter. What I know is that these cases should not be exposed the way they are. Everyone needs a fair trial. If I killed someone and knew who the cops thought who might of did it. I would make sure to try to frame that person. I am not saying she did not do this, but she is innocent until proven guilty. Let the facts decide the case, not the press opinion. Last I seen there were some major mess ups by the prosecution case so far.

  7. Reminds me of my exwife. Abusive woman, lies and lies, parties and parties, makes false allegations to cover up her indiscretions. Mine was more discreet about the lies and was VERY smart, the truth still comes out daily about what she was REALLY doing when I was at home stressing about being “poor” or stressing about the guy(s) that “raped” her etc.. They even both look a lot alike. I’m glad my ex never went as far as murdering our son, good thing I was there while she was out partying and sleeping around and blowing the family finances on herself or he’d be just like Caylee 🙁 . I hope they both rott in jail.

  8. It is amazing how much photo documentation of “partying and whoring”,someone can have and no picture proof of the person you claim you left your child with. Casey thinks the world is so much more stupid than she.These photographs prove she is the best “mom” ever!!!!We must thank Cindy and George for that.

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