Justin Bieber Breaks Neck? Is It True?

Did Justin Bieber break his sweet little neck in a terrible accident? Well, just like all those celebrity death rumors you see cluttering up the Net lately, this bit of nonsense is just as fake.

Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - Wikimedia Commons)
Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - Wikimedia Commons)

You may have seen the provocative phrase “Justin Bieber breaks neck” on Google Trends, or spotted a headline on a blog or gossip site or seen a shout out on the topic on Twitter. You might have even read an alleged ‘news’ report about it. Regardless, the whole thing is just a load of crap. Justin Bieber is perfectly fine as far as anyone knows and the rumor he has broken his neck is just as false as that one the other day that he had syphilis.

Note to Internet surfers out there, whenever you see some kind of crazy rumor about a famous celebrity dying, getting some terrible disease or being in a horrible accident – it is very possible it is BS.

Please, before you help spread this kind of nasty rumor by posting it around all over the place, check with a reliable news source first.

Oh, that thing about Justin Bieber holding hands with and having his hair fondled by Kim Kardashian? Well, that unfortunately is actually true. And kind of gross…

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7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Breaks Neck? Is It True?”

  1. Perhaps his neck can no longer stand by and support that hair? As a celeb with a bad combover myself, I know how it can be. I, too, had hair plugs at age 15.

  2. HEY! i need your help!
    im going to a justin bieber concert in about two weeks and i need to know WHERE CAN I GET MEET AND GREET TICKETS?! ive been calling and calling raatio stations but no luck i will not stop trying please help!

  3. I Love Justin Bieber because he is nice a good person to people his fans boys and girls he is a important person to his mom and Dad i love his hair so much it is nice to me i think on that song u smile that girl in the blone hair s be his girlfriend for real in real life she is pretty.

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